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"Favourites include Fiona Louie's recently expanded line, Filou, which now offers bow-shaped cut-out pendants that appeal to the girlie girl in us all, as well as 24 karat gold-plated versions of the Asian-inspired lovebirds she made famous nearly three years ago."
Vancouver-based line Filou is one of FASHION magazine's "Sexiest Accessories in Vancouver!" at Loulou Luv
Japanese Magazine Filou's Lovebirds Teardrop Necklace
at Shop Cocoon

At Room 6, "special things for nice people such as whimsical necklaces by local (designer) Filou" is Best Buy in Vancouver Magazine

"No Ordinary Ornaments.  Delicate bamboo, crane, cherry blossom and pagoda imagery decorates the sterling silver pendants by Vancouver-based Filou designs.  They reflect the Japanese travels of jewellery artist Fiona Louie, whose studies in everything from ikebana to traditional tea ceremonies are evident in her exacting aesthetic.  She sells her striking hand-crafted pieces at stores like Barefoot Contessa."

Filou Designs "Kimono Necklace" in top photo of Georgia Straight Stylewatch.

"Filou Designs is the sterling silver line by local artist Fiona Louie, who draws inspiration from her time spent living in Japan and travelling throughout Asia."

"Lovebirds Teardrop Necklace" at Shop Cocoon in LOULOU Magazine

"Filou Designs.  Although she works in the "smallest studio ever"--Studio 7 and a half at Beaumont Studios in Vancouver--Fiona Louie's 40 square feet are plenty of room for loads of creation.  Louie, a UBC Fine Arts graduate, is well-known in Vancouver and Toronto for her Kyoto Garden sterling silver collection--which is crowned by the eastern Narrative Necklace, an intricate piece of art and storytelling through fashion." (Top Right: Silver Crane Necklace)
"Filou Designs, who supply sterling silver jewelry to Vancouver's hottest boutiques and design shows."
ION magazine

"Filou Designs Jewelry is built on the dreams of Vancouver artist, Fiona Luie, who uses her travels and imagination as her muse.  Best known for sterling silver cut-outs and nature-inspired medallions, original sketches are transformed into wearable works of art."
ION magazine

"Alternately, go for the gems:  Japanese-inspired necklaces by skilled silversmith Fiona Louie of Filou Designs."
"3. The Filou Designs 'Key to My Heart' necklace in either 24 karat gold (over silver) ($79) or sterling silver ($60) screams be my Valentine (drop subtle hints to the boys here)." at HotBox
100+ Stylish Gift Ideas
It's all in the details.  Where to find the best baubles, hats & specs across Canada.  "To spice up your wardrobe...add jewellery by Filou Designs"
30 Essential Vancouver Jewellery Designers

"A few months ago, I asked you to nominate your favourite Vancouver jewellery designers. The designers on this list needed to be local independent designers who were producing and selling exquisitely beautiful pieces. The results are astonishing – but not surprising. Vancouver seems to be a hotbed of shining talented designers whose work appeals to everyday moms and celebrities alike!"

Fiona Louie of Filou Designs!  Click to read interview.
Get the Look, TV Week Magazine

"She sells seashells.  Vancouver jewellery label Filou Designs shell necklaces are made from sterling silver casts of actual shells."
Stars of Vancouver, Courier

Portobello West wins 2nd place in the Vancouver Courier  “Stars of Vancouver” contest for best Jewellery Store Eastside.  "As a talented jeweler, Filou is one of the reasons that people visit Portobello West...we couldn’t have done it without you and your line!"
“Our main objective [when selecting participants] is to find the most talented artisans whose quality is unique to their work and that they’re involved in the design, production… every aspect from start to finish—so nothing is mass-produced,” says Stewart, “We are making sure that we pick the best of the best.”

One of a Kind’s foremost goal is to provide visitors with, you guessed it, a one of a kind experience. They sure do make certain of this by really picking and choosing the most unique individuals to be part of this event. The likes of Fiona Louie of Filou Designs...are among the local peeps who clearly scored high points with organizers."

Jewellery masters and Vancouver staples ... and Filou Designs were also present; their collections smartly laid out on their show tables...Filou designer Fiona Louie sticks to solid sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil which she shapes into designs inspired by nature and her travels. Ferns, birds, and bunnies are featured in her necklaces and earrings; as well as circular pendants in the shape of sand dollars and some that resemble fossils of long lost organisms.

Featured in Crave Book Vancouver, 2011

The Urban Girl's Manifesto.  The ultimate guide to the places women CRAVE in Vancouver, including more than 150 women you need to know.
Mode Accessories Newsletter, 2012 (top right)

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San Francisco Internation Gift Fair Magazine, 2012
Crave Vancouver Book, 2013
Retail News Magazine